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Our sweaters are a mix of mens, womens, and unisex sweaters.

We do not catagorize them by gender. They are sized according to the

chest measurement. We include the chest and length measurements for every

sweater in the description, so you can ensure a good fit.


How We Measure:

Chest: armpit to armpit multiplied by 2 . 

Length: top of the shoulder to the bottom hem of the sweater.

sizing graphic

We suggest that men follow our standard sizing listed below...

Chest Size (in inches)

X-Small - 37" 

Small - 38-41"

Medium - 42-43"

Large - 44-47"

X-Large - 48-49"

XX-Large+ - 50+"


And that women adjust their sizing according to this chart...

Chest Size (in inches)

X-Small - 30-33" (shop in our XS section)

Small - 34-37" (shop in our XS section)

Medium - 38-40" (shop in our S section)

Large - 41-43" (shop in our S or M section)

X-Large - 44-45" (shop in our L section)

2XL - 46-47" (shop in our L section)

3XL - 48-50+" (shop in our XL or XXL+ section)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not give refunds or accept returns based on sizing.

We do our best to help you figure out whether your sweater will fit, and we

encourage you to contact us with questions before ordering. But let's face it, it's an Ugly Sweater! Here at we say "the uglier the fit, the uglier the sweater... the better!" We think the best part about an Ugly Sweater can be an Ugly Fit. If it is too short, a little baggy (or a lot), too tight, or too long, we think that just makes it  evenUglier!



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